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Outdoor Adventures in Southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria



Experience a guided canoe trip on the Lake Constance, Lake Zurich, the Rhine, Thur, Sitter or the Bregenz Aach. In southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland countless rivers and lakes wait for you to discover.

Our tour leaders provide you with professional guidance as you glide smoothly across the water, enjoying action packed chases and experiencing nature's full bliss outdoors!




Try new paths. Building rafts with tons, beams, rods, boards, sails and other buoyancy materials under the supervision of our team leaders. At the end we test your vessel’s driving fitness.
This module is especially well suited for team building as groups must work and grow together to complete the project The workshop ends with an exciting raft trip with your vessel.




Targeting, focusing and then meeting the goal. We use this metaphor to
discuss and focus on your goals. The interplay of physical and mental concentration and relaxation makes this archery sport an ideal balance and an entertaining climax of each event. You will be trained at different levels.

Outdoor Adventure Canoe Tours Building Rafts/Catamarans Archery Experience the eleMeNts – enchant your senses!




With helmet, cave suit and rope you enter the fascinating world of darkness. Bizarrely-shaped stalactites and stalagmites, cave streams, and an absolute silence lure you into a fascinating world inside Earth. Concentration and confidence in yourself is needed for a trip through a cave.
Dipping into an entirely new world opens up new horizons and leaves lasting
impressions on the participants. GEO CACHING Rally with a GPS device, radio, map and compass. A new adventure with different teams, this is our GPS guided treasure hunt adventure. At the beginning you will be trained in handling the devices. We'll provide groups with a GPS device and a topographic map and send them out on their way This adventure focuses on communication and cooperation of the participants to complete the task






The new fun sports device, the Yeski ®, leaves a completely new impression on snow sports enthusiasts. What almost sounds like the legendary yeti, is in fact a mix of ski and sled and is regarded by experts as the modern translation of the traditional "ski-gable" from Switzerland or the "Bockler" from Tyrol. It’s real fun for all winter sports fans.



Here you need a good team spirit! Only if everybody works together we can carry out with you this exciting winter action. With saws, spades, shovels and buckets you build a snow house and a bar out of the natural material snow. The team will bring this eventful day to an end enjoying a torchlight dinner and mulled wine. This adventure takes about 4-5 hours and is a great group experience for young and old.




Enjoy a snowshoe tour through snowy winter landscapes. Your guide will lead you through unspoiled nature walks away from beaten tracks. Enjoy the silence, gaze the glint of ice crystals and feel the nature. In the evening our cabins will give you power with hot stews and beverages at the end of your long day.
Depending on the snow conditions, we offer snowshoe tours in the Black Forest, in the Allgau or in the Alps.






Your group has the task to overcome an almost 5 meter high wall with minimal tools and the only way to get all participants to the other side is with team spirit. Trusting your comrades and to have confidence in yourself and in others that’s the most important task here in this adventure. How can you solve problems in the group and convert them into goals? Here you deal with mistakes, fears and challenges.




Create a special fringe event for your business trip, your company anniversary or an extraordinary product promotion. Inspire your employees and customers with an exceptional ambience of your event amidst beautiful natural landscapes. May it be charter cruises with Dine and Wine, or a party in an exclusive location or a theme party in a rustic environment - we make it possible.




Have your employees managed exceptional achievements for your company? Then show your team your appreciation with a top-class event. Create incentives for new targets or just say thank you. As a full service Incentive agency we work very closely with our customers and develop memorable experiences for you will never forget.




Conversation with employees. Discover what you can achieve with words and how to gain control over unconscious messages. Use your role models to easily guide your employees to success on this one of a kind adventure and group team building experience!




A well-functioning team fighting for their business is essential in today's workplace. With our employee training, old structures are being taken off and new qualities in the team are discovered. You will analyze cooperation and communication forms and find constructive solutions. Whether it's a trainee excursion, leadership training or staff training - we will find the right solution for your team.